Which music production course is right for you?

Learn Ableton Live

Online music production courses are a great way to improve your own skills. Sure, you can use the old trial and error method of teaching yourself, but at FaderPro we believe you’ll learn more by seeing how the best artists, producers and DJs in the business create the tracks that have brought them global success.

How to get started in music production

But which music production course should you take first? And once you have taken one course, which one comes next?

The first of those questions depends on many things, not least of which is your current level of experience and the genre you’re into whether that’s house, tech house, techno, trance or any number of others. We’ll cover how to get started in music production more fully in an upcoming blog post.

But thankfully with a recent improvement on our website, the second questions is now super simple for you.

Recommended follow-on courses

We’ve just added a smart new feature to all of our online music production courses that’ll help you find the next best course for you. Driven by the power of the thousands of students that take our courses, when you take a course our website will give you up to three more courses we think you’ll benefit from.

So, for example, if you’ve just watched our free course where Piero Pirupa shows you how he created his Beatport no.1 hit “We don’t need”, our website recommends that you then watch these:

Online music production course recommendations

And if you go on to take super-talented house music producer Kreature’s course, it’ll then suggest you’ll learn even more if you take any of these courses:

Online music production course recommendations

You’ll find the new recommendations feature at the bottom of each course page. It’s just one of the ways that we’re improving how we help you learn music production.

Love it or hate it, let us know what you think in the comments below.