Sander Kleinenberg at FaderPro’s ADE event!


An interview with Sander Kleinenberg at Faderpro’s ADE’s event

The kick-off of the Amsterdam Dance Event started with an intimate studio experience organized by FaderPro. FaderPro is a company founded by Steven Lee & Vincent DiPasquale that gives young talented DJ’s/producers a chance to learn about making music. They give you an in-studio experience into the world of the Electronic Dance Music. FaderPro works with big names as Roger Sanchez, Sander Kleinenberg and many more. We had the honor to be a part of this experience and interview Sander Kleinenberg. He made great hits with is track ‘Lexicon’, ‘The Fruit’ and an anthem for Sensation and is a famous DJ/producer. Check out the interview below!

ADE brings big names to Amsterdam. Well tell me Sander, how would you describe ADE in three words?

Connecting, Inspiring and engaging are for me the three words that would describe ADE. You will get to know a lot of new people and get inspired by them. I’m always looking forward to ADE.

What has been for you the best moment of 2015?

I am very happy about my new collaboration with Spinnin’ Records. For a couple of years I was searching for my own ‘sound’. I am a person who wants to explore a lot and don’t want to use the same sounds for over 20 years. I am always in search for new experiences. That makes it sometimes confusing for my Fanbase, because they don’t know what to expect from me. My collaboration with Spinnin’ is for me the key to unlock the door and open new ways.

You had the honor to make a remix of Madonna’s track ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’. How got this started?

Madonna was doing aerobics when she heard my track  ‘Can you feel it’ (ft. McCrae) and she instantly loved it. This song was premiered via Billboard. When my daughter heard that I was making a remix of Madonna she said; ‘Dad, you are the bomb’. Because her idol Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry were in the video-clip they shot of Daddy’s track. I think Madonna is an icon. Not only in the pop-music but also in the club-world.

What makes your style unique?

As I said I am exploring a lot of new music. The DNA of house is back in the music. I am a fan of a big basslines and I’m still loving it to make music for the clubs. I am back to where I used to be and happy with that. I am making music for over 20 years now and it’s not always easy to stay inspired if you are doing this for so long.

I am not making music for money, but I am doing it because I love to do this.

Doesn’t it get ever boring then?

For me as a DJ it’s never normal to see that my music inspires a lot of people and that my people listened to my music. Sometimes it’s so bizarre to be a DJ and seeing people go crazy to the music you made.

What’s your favorite track at the moment?

I made a new track with an English DJ which will be released on Spinnin Records, called ‘The One’, which I like a lot. And the track ‘Fearless’ by Lucas & Steve is in my opinion phenomenal!

As a DJ you will definitely have a busy life. What do you do to relax between studio-time and gigs?

My girlfriend and my great family make me who I am. If something happens I can always count on them. My girlfriend has a blog who takes her around the world. Sometimes we travel together of separate. My family is really my source of energy. It’s just the little things in life that make me happy, for example; eating macaroni at home.

Tomorrow is the release of your track called ‘Clarity’. Can you tell something about upcoming solo-tracks/collabs?

There’s a new release coming on Spinnin’Records called ‘The One’ as I already mentioned. I also made a remix for Chris Lake, with great vocals. I’m very happy with this track. Also working at FaderPro and working with Sharam. It’s good to work with a lot of people who I already know for a long time. About Clarity, I expect a lot of positive buzz about that.

If we are sitting here at ADE 2016, what will you have accomplished?

I don’t have a huge goal at this moment. I like to make my songs and play them for a lot of people and see them going crazy. I am doing this for more than 20 years and I am loving it. I like to search for new adventures, combining two paths together.

Where is Electronic Dance Music going to, according to you?

I think we will go back to the epic songs. I like it when there is a sexy vibe in the club. I’m not really into the overproduced EDM-pop music. But nowadays the EDM-music is where I like it to be, with a little bit of Soul-music is in the mix like Shermanology.

Who was your idol when you started making music and why did you start doing this?

Cha Peretti, Ben Lee, Rutger Kroese, Speedy J where my idols when I was young.

I thought this EDM scene was magical. I listened a lot to Villa65, a soul program. I thought this is the music of tomorrow and it’s still inspiring me. Music for me is freedom and celebrating life.

At which moments do you get inspired? For example under the shower?

A lot of inspiring moments will happen for me at night, but also definitely under the shower. Last week I was showering and there was my inspiration moment. I asked my girlfriend if she would hold my phone so I could sing the ‘tune’ under the shower. I get my inspiration moment from the things in life I see, hear and experience.

Thanks a lot for this interview Sander and we hope to catch up with you next ADE!

No problem! Thanks to you guys also!