Ultimate House Music Starter Kit

ADSR FaderPro Ultimate House Music Bundle

We’ve teamed up with our friends at ADSR Sounds to bring you the ultimate House Music Starter Kit bundle consisting of 3 FaderPro  music production courses PLUS the amazing ADSR Drum Machine – all for a huge saving of over $120 if you buy before 11th June!

For more information, head over to adsrsounds.com or take a look at what’s in the bundle below:

What’s Included: ADSR Drum Machine


The ADSR Drum Machine, available for both Mac and Windows, is a fully featured drum machine that’s packed with kits and patterns.

Rhythm Design

Drum machine’s easy-to-use design includes 16 pads + tabbed Browser, Sound & FX, sequencer and mixer. Intuitive, Fun & Functional, we’ve optimised every tab to save you time and frustration.

Onboard processing

Powerful onboard processing provides new levels of control giving you freedom and confidence to express your rhythmic ideas. A 3 stage envelope, per pad pitching and per pad multi channel processing set a new standard to tune your drum kit before and as you start playing!

Split pads

Drum Machine lets you split every sample on every pad into two parts. Achieve a level of finesse you’d have spent hours in your DAW to achieve in minutes! With one click, separate the transient and the body into two channels each with its own unique FX chain. Sacrifice nothing, control the sound and amplify the impact!

Preset library

Get grooving with an extensive library of kits, samples and sequences. Custom build to make the most of Drum Machine’s features and covering a wide range of genres and sound types.

Included FX

Amplify your sounds with powerful onboard effects that can be applied to pads, split pads, master, sends & buses with ease.


End every beat-making session with a perfectly polished rhythm track. All the essential features you’d expect of a full mixer right when you need them most.

Classic House v.1 ADSR Drum Machine Expansion

Featuring 10 deep and diverse drum kits covering Tech House, Minimal House ,Lounge House, Lofi House, Latin House, Funky House, French House, Deep House, Chicago House, and of course Acid House. Each kit makes use of Drum Machine’s 16 pad layout with a sample mapped and a killer beat programmed and ready to go for each one.

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What’s Included: Jason Herd: Making Minimal Tech & Garage

This comprehensive 7-hour course covers various aspects of music production, including sound design, arranging, mixing, and mastering, and provides insights into Jason’s workflow and creative process.

Jason Herd Making Minimal Tech & Garage

The Making Minimal Tech & Garage course offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from globally renowned DJ and producer, Jason Herd, as he builds a fully-fledged track from scratch using Ableton Live. Over the course of several hours, Herd shares his production secrets, revealing how he constructs beats, designs bass lines, creates vocal chops, arranges tracks and prepares them for mastering. With over 25 years of experience, Herd has put out releases with some of the biggest record labels in the world and is an experienced music production instructor, covering sequencing, tracking, mixing and mastering.

In addition to the course material, students will also receive access to Herd’s Ableton Live template and insights into his studio setup, including his use of hardware and plugins. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced producer, Making Minimal Tech & Garage is a must-have course for anyone looking to take their music production skills to the next level and learn from a true master of the craft. With 24 chapters of content, this course provides a wealth of knowledge that can be revisited time and time again, making it a valuable resource for any aspiring producer.

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What’s Included: Max Chapman Remix Masterclass

Max Chapman’s Remix Masterclass is a comprehensive 3-hour guide to remixing, featuring the acclaimed UK house producer.

Max Chapman Remix Masterclass

The course covers various aspects of remixing, including sourcing stems, creating a remix concept, arranging, and mixing, as well as practical tips on working with vocals and adding creative flourishes.

With its engaging video lessons and practical exercises, “Remix Masterclass” provides a valuable resource for both aspiring and experienced producers looking to hone their remixing skills.

Max Chapman, a well-known producer and DJ in the underground electronic music scene, has teamed up with FaderPro for his first-ever masterclass. In this course, Max takes you through his remix of “Rewind” by Riaz Dhanani, one of his own label’s releases, from start to finish. With almost four hours of exclusive content, you’ll get to witness Max’s production skills in action, teaching you everything from proper vocal warping techniques to using a vocoder on your drums for a unique sound.

Max’s production career has been impressive, with two Beatport #1s under his belt, and his debut album, Catch Me If You Can, peaking at #10 on Beatport. As a touring DJ, he has played at various events and venues across Europe, North America, South America, and Canada, and even performed as part of the Boiler Room network in Ecuador. In addition to his music career, Max runs his own label, Resonance Records, which has become a tastemaker in the underground scene, with releases from well-known artists such as CamelPhat, Solardo, and Richy Ahmed.

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What’s Included: wAFF Track from Scratch

This comprehensive 2-hour course in creating a track from start to finish, featuring wAFF, acclaimed UK producer and DJ.

wAFF Track from Scratch

Covering various aspects of music production, including sound design, arrangement, mixing, and mastering, as well as practical tips on workflow and creativity with engaging video lessons and practical exercises. wAFF Track from Scratch provides an excellent resource for both beginners and experienced producers looking to develop their skills and create high-quality tracks.

In this two-hour masterclass, tech house DJ and producer wAFF takes you on a journey through the making of his Mesmerized EP title track, using Ableton Live to recreate each section of the high-energy track. With over a decade of experience and an international profile, wAFF shares his thought process behind every mixing decision, from programming drums and bass loops to using sidechain compression and EQing the master for optimal performance on any sound system.

As a producer who has released on major labels like Cocoon, Drumcode, and Desolat, and performed at top festivals like Glastonbury and Tomorrowland, wAFF is well-equipped to guide you through the production process and offer invaluable insights. Through this course’s 16 chapters, you’ll gain a wealth of production knowledge and learn new techniques to incorporate into your own projects, whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting in music production.

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