International Music Day


International Music Day was launched back in 1975 by virtuoso violinist Yehudi Menuhin to celebrate the power of music in uniting societies, communities and people. It’s wonderful to see this day of celebration continue for almost 50 years.

At FaderPro we felt compelled to support this special day in helping our students learn how to create great music. To create music that moves people. So in honour of International Music Day 2022 we are giving students access to our entire music production course catalog for up to 50% off the standard price.

Whether you choose to subscribe to our Producers Club that gives you access to all 140+ courses or to take a single course from the globally-successful producer, artist or DJ you love or the topic your interested in there are big big savings to be had.

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The FaderPro Producers Club gives you easy access to all our music production courses with a simple recurring membership fee. With three membership options you’re able to choose whether you want a recurring 3-month, 6-month or annual commitment. And during our International Music Day sale you can get up to 50% off.

Learn what everyone else is learning

Our Top 10 most popular music production courses are a great place to start if you’re looking to learn something new. And during our International Music Day sale, they’re all 50% off!

Top 10 music production courses


And if those Top 10 courses don’t hit the mark for you, there are over 140 other music production courses all at 30% off until 1st October 2022!

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