Audio Surgery with drum loops


In our Audio Surgery feature, FaderPro’s expert engineer and producer Vincent DiPasquale helps teach unique techniques, new ways of working and gives regular production advice to help supercharge your music and your mixes.

“One of the best ways to learn is to study the things you like.  When it comes to learning ways to create cool and complex drum patterns, breaking things down to their smallest parts is a great way to not only learn what makes up the grooves that inspire you, but can take you into new creative territories to use in your own productions.  

“Two of my favorite examples of powerful and complex drums are marching bands and Brazilian samba drum groups.  Both examples are sometimes groups of many people playing various different parts to make a very complex sounding pattern.  The reason why I always like to think of those two examples is because it is a great reminder that the sum of many simple parts can make something intricate and complex.   

Here’s an example of a marching band and you can hear some really cool low bass hits at various pitches and here’s a clip of a Brazilian drum group and you can watch some of the drummers playing various simple parts.

“In the video post for this week, we look at not only how you can “surgically” slice up your favorite loops to see what makes them up, but also you can create new sounds and loops from the smaller parts that you can then take in entirely new directions.  Check it out!  

For this week’s post, we are using sounds from the Toolroom Trademark Series called “Ben Remember’s Drums & Grooves.”

Also, be sure to check out the Drums Masterclass that Ben Remember did for us here at FaderPro!

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