Brand new Hipcats course with David Penn & ATFC

David Penn & ATFC studio production course Hipcats

Individually they are legendary producers in the house scene, when they collaborate, they produce some of the most enduring club music available. Their collaborative track, Hipcats was not only a Beatport no.1, but it has become a house classic, staying as a permanent fixture in most DJ crates in 2018.

In this brand new music production course for Armada University, watch and learn from ATFC and David Penn. For the first time, they explain the process behind Hipcats. Sit shotgun in the studio as they craft a brand-new remix from scratch. See their collaborative techniques, learn how to make a killer arrangement, awesome breakdown and transitions effects. Then, understand when to stop adding elements, when to remove unnecessary parts and discover pre-mastering, to get your tracks ready for testing out in the club. See the full chapter breakdown on the course page.

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