In The Studio with Danny Byrd – On sale now!


We’re hugely excited to announce our brand new course in partnership with Hospital Records with Danny Byrd. As one of the first artists to sign with Hospital records nearly 20 years ago, Danny Byrd has built a phenomenal career as one of the most respected and experienced producers in the Drum and Bass scene and this huge 3hour 45 min course is evidence of that.

Split into 15 knowledge-packed chapters, you can sit side-by-side with Danny in his studio and learn his entire creative process. Watch him make a track from scratch starting with the Akai MPC Live before using Logic Pro X and his favourite tools to show you how to build drums, process and chop samples, mix, arrange and master an full production. Plus, download the full audio stems to the track he creates and stay tuned for an incredible competition too!

A must for Drum & Bass producers, but packed with so many incredible creative mixing and arrangement techniques, workflow hacks and more, that whatever genre you produce, you’ll love this course!

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