Release a Collab with Tom Enzy

Tom Enzy

Tom Enzy is a multi-platinum selling producer and DJ with a reputation for releasing infectious tech house hits. Success in the modern music industry is often measured by streaming figures, an area that the Portuguese artist’s output has performed incredibly well in. Enzy’s original tracks, remixes and productions have racked up over 100 million streams on Spotify alone, and he boasts over 2 million monthly listeners. His collab with LissA, “Ice & Cold”, has now reached over 15 million streams alone.

So, getting the chance to release a collab with an artist of this calibre is a major step forward in anyone’s music career. It’s an opportunity we’re now opening up to all our FaderPro students!

Your Chance to Release a Collab

To be in with a chance of winning and releasing a collab with Tom, just download his stems for free and turn them into a new track, adding your own music production magic. Then submit your track by the end of November!

Here’s Tom announcing the contest.

The contest is open to everyone and free to enter. We and Tom are really excited to hear what you’re going to create!

The judging will start after the contest closes on 30th November and we’ll announce the winner as soon as possible after that.

So, if you want to really boost your music production career, make sure you enter! You may soon be following in the footsteps of Zac Zacharia who’s winning track is about to be signed!  Full details can be found on the Tom Enzy Contest page.

Learn Tom Enzy’s Studio Secrets

Watch successful artists in the studio creating their tracks is a great way to improve your own music production skills. We recently headed into the studio with Tom where he explained his production process by both building a track from scratch and giving us a behind-the-scenes deconstruction of his mega-hit “Ice & Cold”.

So, if you want to boost your own skills and see how Tom works, make sure you check out his two courses:

Tom Enzy deconstructs “Ice & Cold”


Tom Enzy Track from Scratch

Tom Enzy Track from Scratch