Vincent di Pasquale shares knowledge with future producers


By Paul W. Hughes Dated: Oct 03, 2013 Multi-platinum producer, Vincent di Pasquale, shares his secrets with SAE Institute of Technology students across the U.S. and Europe. On the cover of the most recent SAE Magazine you’ll find a familiar face to those who have been part of SAE Institute’s community, or to anyone who aspires to have a career as a remixer and producer: Vincent di Pasquale, sitting in his studio in front of his Euphonix console, and surrounded by gold and platinum records. His story is highlighted as yet another successful graduate from the SAE Institute audio program, and this year he’s been touring SAE campuses in the U.S. to share and give insight of his success and how he used what he learned while studying audio engineering and production at SAE into a successful career.

In the magazine interview he speaks with SAE Miami school director, Xander Snell about how he started, his favorites tools of the trade, and gives advice to SAE students, alumni, and partners around the world who receive the SAE Magazine.

After graduating, Vincent quickly began his producing career, but also made sure to make time to teach as a guest lecturer at SAE Miami. As his career began taking off, he had less time for regular teaching, but designed a successful remixing seminar that grew in popularity. Now, the seminar has manifested itself into an in-depth DVD tutorial that is quickly taking the instructional format to by storm. Offered by FaderPro, Vincent di Pasquale digs deep into his remixing techniques and tutorials on “The Art of the Remix”.

In conjunction with the DVD release, Vincent took the show on the road and has taught live sessions at SAE’s Miami, and Los Angeles campuses. The next seminar, at SAE Atlanta, is on November 13th at 7:30pm, and RSVPs for the event reached capacity within 10 hours of making the seminar announcement.

If you can’t see in person, however, Vincent also shared some of his techniques on video that has become part of the International Myspace Music Studio project in conjunction with Myspace, Vodafone and SAE Institute of Technology. The Myspace Music Studio is currently online in the UK, Germany, Portugal, and Spain.

As a final nod to his alma mater, Vincent di Pasquale and FaderPro are offering a special discount on “The Art of the Remix” to SAE students and alumni around the world: a 30% discount on the SAE Store, a web portal for the SAE community that offers discounts on products offered by SAE industry partners.

Audio engineering and great music production are a combination of skill, art, and technique. SAE Institute is proud to partner with FaderPro and alumni like Vincent di Pasquale who not only give back, but who share their passion and insight into how the producers of the future can make their mark and shape the industry.